Therapeutic Massage by Caroline at Democko Chiropractic

"Where Results and Relaxation meet"


"You are a blessing and you are blessed with a gift of healing through your hands! You listen and pay attention to details. The massage room is very relaxing and I feel very comfortable every time I come see you. You've helped me with relieving my aches and pains. I'm starting to feel the work you are doing to my muscles as they are able to stretch a little further each week and become a little stronger as they 'remember' to relax at relax times and not stay stressed all the time. I have goals I'm striving for as far as physical strength and flexibility is involved and I see you being a HUGE asset through that journey. Thank you for all you do!"    S.K.


"Caroline, you do an amazing job of pressing hard enough where you can really work out the knots and tension in my back, shoulders, and legs. You don't press too hard that I don't feel relaxed though. Just perfect pressure. You also don't do the same technique every time. You base your massage on where the tightness and tension is each time. You do a great job of working my entire body even though you don't have me turn over to my stomach like most massages. I definitely can tell the difference in how my muscles feel since I've been seeing you. Best massages I've had for sure!"    C.Z.


"This had been by far the best massage I have had in the past ten years probably. Caroline had wonderful pressure and can definitely find the tension spots and work the muscle through. I have received plenty of massages everywhere and have had a hard time finding a therapist with enough pressure to work my muscles. Best experience I have had in a very long time."     S.J.


"My 1st encounter was because of a golf ball size knot on the side of my neck. It was very painful, made it difficult to turn my head. I told Caroline I had been to other massage therapists that did a great job. She was up for the work on my neck. I knew it would take several encounters to work it all out. She has done a great job and my neck is back to normal now, thanks to Caroline and the amazing skill and effort she put into my neck. She has a great personality and is a consummate professional."    T.C.


"I've had many massages in my lifetime and this experience was truly the finest. Caroline's method is unique. She seems to be a natural at individualizing treatment to her client's needs. I highly recommend the 'Caroline Experience,' and will return when I come back to NC"

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